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5 May 2021
Investors Summit

ViennaUP is a unique festival with a series of online events organized by the community for the community of startups, investors, and talents. Participants from all around the globe have the opportunity to tune in to 100+ events and get involved with smart minds from different industries and branches.

Sign-up for each event separately and create your individual ViennaUP-journey.

ViennaUP’21 is all about creating meaningful connections and starting first conversations with smart minds; that is why we work hard to facilitate matchmaking across all events throughout the two weeks. This is only possible via ViennaUP.b2match. Please follow the instructions, create your profile, and start your individual ViennaUP journey by connecting to people across the whole ViennaUP’21-universe. Let’s make magic together!

Closed since 5 May 2021
Location Online
Organised by
Australia 1
Austria 228
Bulgaria 5
Canada 1
Czech Republic 3
Denmark 2
Finland 1
France 4
Germany 80
Greece 3
Hungary 3
India 1
Iran, Islamic Republic Of 4
Ireland 1
Israel 1
South Korea 2
Latvia 1
Lebanon 1
Liechtenstein 1
Luxembourg 4
Malta 1
Netherlands 4
Norway 1
Poland 3
Portugal 4
Russia 3
Serbia 1
Slovakia 1
Slovenia 3
Spain 2
Sweden 1
Switzerland 9
Tunisia 1
Turkey 1
Ukraine 1
United Arab Emirates 1
United Kingdom 16
United States 8
Total 408